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Learning Today... Leading Tomorrow

EMC2 Kids Academy proudly welcomes families that participate in the California Alternative Payment Program (CAPP) and actively participates in collaborative efforts to provide high-quality services for all families.

Choices for Children 

The basic found 

Go, Kids, 


Santa Clara County 

Catholic Charities 

Kinship Program 

Bill Wilson 

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Backup Child Care  Benefits 

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It’s Never Too Early to Start Inspiring our Young Minds 

EK Academy's education center provides a unique and neutral environment for students to discover their true passion. Our tutors facilitate the tools and nurturance, allowing students to exploit their full potential. 


Thinking about thinking...

Students  are exposed to
metacognition  skills development, enabling them to go from "I can't do it"  to "How can I do it"  state of mind.


Learning a second or third language has been proved to increase cognitive processing.

Students are seamlessly introduced to public speaking through games and activities. 


Students are coached on techniques for information gathering, and learning methods to improve learning efficacy. 

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