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Mommy & Me

"Mami & Me" has been designed to provide an excellent opportunity for infants and mothers to strengthen their bond and participate in a variety of activities together. These classes primarily concentrate on fostering early development, encouraging social interaction, and creating a nurturing environment that supports both mothers and babies.

Get to Know Us

Here are some of the features and benefits offered by the Mommy and Me program:
  • Developmental activities: The classes in Mami and Me incorporate age-appropriate activities that encourage the physical, cognitive, and emotional development of your baby. These activities may encompass sensory play, tummy time exercises, baby yoga, music and movement sessions, and other engaging experiences.

  • Social interaction: This program offer a valuable opportunity for infants and mothers to engage with other families, fostering social connections. Babies have the chance to interact with their peers, while mothers can establish meaningful relationships and exchange experiences with fellow moms.

  • Support and guidance: Led by experienced instructors and early childhood educators, the Mommy and Me program offer valuable support and guidance. These knowledgeable professionals provide advice and assistance on various topics including infant care, breastfeeding, sleep patterns, and general parenting tips.

  • Emotional bonding: The program prioritize the significance of fostering a strong bond between mother and baby. Through activities such as baby massage, gentle touch, and exercises that promote eye contact, these program actively encourage emotional connection and the development of a secure attachment.

  • Educational resources: The Mommy and Me program offer mothers valuable educational materials and resources, such as handouts, books, or online material. These resources aim to enhance the knowledge and understanding of mothers, equipping them with valuable information to support their baby's growth and well-being.

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